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If you are seeking a truly unique and quintessentially tropical backdrop for a special event, be it a destination wedding, significant birthday or large family reunion, Villa Sepoi Sepoi situated on Sira Beach in Lombok is the perfect venue.  Nestled between coconut plantations and sleepy villages this villa offers size coupled with a charming warmth. 

The lush green lawns meet a private white sandy beach, providing picture perfect views of Mount Rinjani, the Gili Islands and Bali’s Mount Agung.  Active guests can access a wide range of water or lawn sports provided in the villa or play a round at the immaculately maintained golf course located a short distance away.  Day trips to Gili Islands and local land attractions are personally curated by the Villa Manager providing guests with insider knowledge and truly special holiday memories.

Villa Sepoi Sepoi reflects traditional Indonesian architecture, paying homage to local Lombok culture and design, while maintaining an air of sophistication. Designed around a central courtyard, Villa Sepoi Sepoi includes 3 garden bedrooms and an expansive living pavilion all overlooking a magnificent in-ground pool. The villa has its own orchard which grows many of the ingredients used by the Villa Chef. 

We interviewed Villa Sepoi Sepoi Villa Manager Akmal Tubagus to find out what else makes the place unique.

Elite Havens: Hi, Akmal. What can you tell us about Villa Sepoi Sepoi?

Akmal Tubagus: Villa Sepoi Sepoi is quite large.  With 6 bedrooms, it can accommodate from 12 -16 people. With Sira Beach House, just next door a large group of up to 28 people can be housed. It’s right on the beach and you can see the Gili Islands and also Agung mountain in Bali. That is the view of our villa. There is always a very beautiful sunset. Our difference is because we face the Gilis, we can see the sunset in front of us, not like the other villas. We have lots of gardens, coconut trees. Our villa is exclusive and far from the normal crowds.

EH: Can you tell us more about the villas in Lombok?

AT: Every villa is unique. The villa staff love to take selfies here. Also you can see comments from our guests. Their comments about Lombok are excellent. Good food, good staff, good ambiance. 

EH: Can you tell us more about yourself?

AT: I’ve worked with Elite Havens for more than 12 years. I was in a villa in Bali for 10 years. I worked in the hospitality industry for 26 years; Aman for 12 years. My background is in front office work but I now take care of training of housekeeping and the kind of training for restaurants like how to set up, and how to make the guests happy.

EH: What do you personally like about Villa Sepoi Sepoi?

AT: Villa Sepoi Sepoi is quiet. In Bali, you have traffic. But in Lombok there is no pollution and there’s a nice breeze. I like Lombok very much because there is nature everywhere.

EH: Why do guests like Villa Sepoi Sepoi?

AT: What’s special for the guests here is the culture. The people of Lombok are mostly local farmers or fishermen so it is a simple and peaceful community.

The view is more beautiful than in Bali. The Gili Islands are most popular for activities. Lombok is not small – its bigger than Bali. But it’s much quieter. 

EH: Can you tell us more about the social initiatives and special projects of Villa Sepoi Sepoi? 

AT: Before the earthquake in August 2018, we made special donations to the schools and to playgroups. But all the houses and buildings were demolished by the earthquake. So now we are starting from zero. The government and donations by the guests are now for temporary housing.

This place is the foremost place for weddings in Lombok because of its beauty. Its very natural and you can have accommodations for friends and family at a good price. Also, it’s only 10 minutes by boat to the Gili Islands. And if you have more than 100 people, it’s easy to get accommodations in the area for large groups.

EH: What can you tell us about the service in Villa Sepoi Sepoi?

AT: First of all, I have a very good chef. He makes local, general Indonesian and Western food. Most of the comments you’ll see online are about our excellent food. Our first priority is local Lombok cuisine but we can make all kinds.

Normally, guests want a beachfront barbecue and bonfire. Sometimes we set up traditional dancing or fire dancing, depending on what the guest requests.

I give a lot of training to my staff on how to serve the guests and how to take care of their immediate needs – to really make their stay special at Villa Sepoi Sepoi. We also have a lot of customer service and hospitality training provided by Elite Havens management who care for our staff and local community.

EH: What’s your favorite part of the job?

AT: I love talking to the guests and explaining the culture of Lombok. I like to join the guests to introduce them to the Gili Islands, the waterfalls and the nature around us.

Guest Reviews

“Akmal, Made, Zul and all team of the incredible staff at Villa Sepoi Sepoi, you have made this holiday a truly unforgettable experience! Your generosity and kindness has filled us with happiness. Sitting down at the beach everyday or swimming by the pool or playing with the kids have been magical, made even moreso with your attentive care. We have truly felt part of the Sepoi Sepoi family and will cherish these memories forever.”

                   -Daryl H, Australia

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How To Get There

Air Asia will be creating a hub out of Lombok flying to Kuala Lumpur and Perth from 9th June. SilkAir flies direct from Singapore and there are over 20 domestic flights making the 25 minute hop from Bali each day.



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