When you travel to a destination, speaking the local language helps break the ice instantly. Before you travel to India, learn these Hindi phrases, with a few other vernacular languages thrown in. You’ll love the smiles that locals will bestow upon you, appreciating the fact that you made the effort.

India is a melting pot of cultures. A historical land where many religions, traditions, cuisines, attires and languages effortlessly co-exist. It is said that in India, dialects and languages change every few kilometres. While the north is dominated by Hindi and sees spurts of Punjabi, Haryanvi, Marwari, and Kashmiri among other languages, down south, you have Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Tulu, et cetera.


Pick up a few catchy phrases in the local language to strike up a conversation with the locals. The Marathi phrases below will be useful in Alibaug, Lonavala, Mumbai or Khandala; Konkani in Goa; Tamil in Coonoor; and Hindi phrases everywhere. Though English is widely understood and spoken across the country, it helps to know a few of these words too. Here are some simple but useful colloquial terms that will help you travel in India.

1. Namaste – Hello (Hindi)

This is how India says hello! A visit to this vibrant country would not be complete without this basic greeting. Brownie point – it can be a great way to start a conversation with the locals. Fold your hands and slightly bow your head while saying namaste, especially when greeting elders. It is seen as a sign of respect.

2. Dhanyavaad – Thank you (Hindi)

Want to thank someone for their service or company? Just say dhanyavaad and see their eyes beam with happiness. Dhanyavaad is a Hindi phrase that means “Thank You”. Of course, the English words are also well understood. But, the Hindi phrase will make them smile!

3. Bahut achha hai – It’s very good (Hindi)

When someone asks you how the food is, or whether you like the souvenir you’ve picked up, a simple – bahut achha hai will make them feel appreciated.

4. Kaise Ho? – How are you (Hindi)

This Hindi phrase literally translates as “How are you”.


Children in India

5. Mai theek hu – I’m fine (Hindi)

This is how you respond to Kaise Ho in Hindi. If you wish to tell someone that you’re doing well, use this phrase.

6. Phir Milenge – Until we meet again (Hindi)

Wish to bid adieu to someone? This phrase will add a sweet note to your farewells. Phir Milenge means “We will meet soon” or “See you soon”.

7. Kasa Kai – How are you (Marathi)

This phrase means how are you in Marathi, a language that is spoken in Maharashtra. When you visit our villas in Alibaug or Lonavala, this is a great way to greet the local staff.

8. Deu boro dis dium – Good morning or Hello (Konkani)

India’s quintessential beach destination, Goa, falls on the Konkan belt on the west coast. It offers some of the most beautiful and soul-stirring vistas in the country. The local language is Konkani, spoken all along the central west coast of India. Deu boro dis dium is a way to greet Konkans, translating as good morning or hello.

9. Vanakkam – Greetings (Tamil)

You will discover that guests in India are respected and revered, and always welcomed with folded hands. The Tamil version of the customary welcome greeting is vanakkam. You can never go wrong with using this word for greeting locals in Coonoor.

10. Machcha (Tamil)

Think of this phrase as the Tamil version of the slang bro, mate or dude. When you visit Coonoor, simply add the word after any sentence. For example, “Can you pass the water, machcha?”.

India is an enigma. A land of many cultures, flavours, ethnicity and people. Make a trip to this incredible country. Is it sure to be a heady and incredible experience, leaving you with lasting memories. These catchy phrases will strike an impression with the locals and make your trip a joyous and unforgettable one.

You’re now familiar with these useful Hindi phrases and a few in other local languages. Why not test your skills on your next India holiday? Book an elite haven today and travel to India in style. Choose from any of our charming locations in Goa, Lonavala, or Alibaug and explore these exotic locations!