Hailed as the most vegan-friendly state of India, Goa remains as widely popular for its luscious beaches as for its delectable cuisine. From earthy, bohemian shacks to upscale, fine-dine options, you’re spoilt for culinary adventures if you’re looking for vegan food in Goa.

Being a perennial favourite of travellers from around the world, cooks here gladly cater to all palates — including those with a penchant for mindful eating and nourishing vegan food. “Goa is becoming a hub for conscious meditators from across the globe. We follow plant-based (and often satvik) lifestyles that help focus on our practice,” shares Sasa Siddho, a yoga teacher in North Goa.

While there’s an array of vegan eateries that dot the state, “Make sure you visit the right ones, to avoid eating at a place of dubious hygiene,” she advises.

When you stay in one of our luxurious elite havens, your in-villa cook will be delighted to whip up an exquisite vegetarian and plant-based nosh. Alternatively, you can head to any of these seven restaurants and experience the delicacies of vegan dining:

1. Bean Me Up

Arguably the oldest vegan cafe in Goa with roots tracing back to 1996, Bean Me Up sits inside a charming, age-soaked Portuguese villa in North Goa’s Vagator. It welcomes you with a canopy of mango, jackfruit and lush palm trees, creating an aura of tranquillity throughout the space. On its menu are decadent smoothie bowls, freshly squeezed juices, vegetarian omelette, ramen, tacos and Italian titbits — all crafted with seasonal produce and natural ingredients.

Photo Credits: Bean Me Up

Dig into aromatic plant-based desserts, from cinnamon rolls to pain au chocolat. Or, curl up with a Ginbucha cocktail, a unique concoction of gin and kombucha. Its Easter vegan potluck is a big yes, serving a sumptuous variety of festive delights.

One of the most sought-after vegan restaurants in the state, Bean Me Up frequently hosts live acoustic gigs, yoga sessions and gourmet workshops, drawing globetrotters from everywhere.

Fill your carts with tofu and tempeh, available by quarter or half kilos. And, spend hours at the adjacent boutique store, a treasure trove of eco-conscious and sustainable goodies.

Address: Ozran Beach Road, Vagator

2. Gratitude

Run by the same team as Bean Me Up, Gratitude, tucked away in Anjuna, also features a yoga space and eco-friendly thrift store. This serene outdoor cafe is located inside an ancient village residence’s courtyard, where you can satiate your cravings with delicious plant-based fare while basking in the soothing ambiance of the past.

Photo Credits: Gratitude

Don’t be surprised if you witness guests tending to cows and playing with cats — it’s a testament to the harmonious spirit of the place.

The menu caters to aficionados of clean and green eating with tons of options for the Jain palate (a lactovegetarian diet with no root or underground vegetables). Bite into crispy gluten-free waffles, enjoy a round of sushi and indulge in a wholesome bowl of ramen.

Address: Pequeno Peddem, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna

3. Cavatina by Avinash Martins

Located in Benaulim, this one is a culinary gem owned by renowned Goa-based chef, Avinash Martins. Known for his collaborations with luxury hotels and international Michelin-starred chefs, he takes inspiration from bygone recipes of Saraswat and Portuguese heritage and creates flavourful artistry that resonates with modern tastes.

Photo Credits: Cavatina by Avinash Martins

“Historically speaking, Goa has been an agrarian state. The natives of the land followed a cream and dairy-free farm-to-table diet — even in local vegetable preparations like caldine, sukka or uddamethi. So, veganism has been a part of our culture ever since,” he informs.

Upon arrival, you’re greeted by dazzling interiors, designed with local artwork that are a reflection of the chef’s creativity. While the restaurant is celebrated for its innovative non-vegetarian fare, it pleasantly surprises vegan enthusiasts with vegetarian and plant-based renditions of classic Goan recipes.

Chef Avinash recommends Sweet Potato Xacuti (a fiery coconut and red chilli curry, traditionally prepared with meat or seafood) and Doodhi Caldine (a flavourful yellow bottle gourd curry, otherwise served with prawns). Feast on Moringa Rice Pancakes, Mushroom Ambotik and Jackfruit Cafreal. And, pair them with a glass of homemade Feni, a local alcohol made from cashews or coconut.

Address: Taj Hotel Road, near Joecons Beach Resort, Benaulim

4. Zest

Boasting two outlets in Goa, Zest is the perfect choice to relish seasonal plant-based and vegetarian flavours. Nestled inside a sun-kissed garden, the cafe in Agonda is a cocoon of calm adorned with palm shades and rustic, hipster interiors.

Photo Credits: Zest

Tingle your taste buds with a variety of wines and homemade dairy-free ice cream. Or, head down south to Palolem for island-infused cocktails, magical sunsets and beachfront vistas.

From vegan butter and dairy-free lassi (a creamy yoghurt-based drink) to wellness teas and lattes, the choices for vegan treats are endless. Devour a medley of colourful acai bowls including black charcoal, green matcha and blue spirulina. Or, fuel up for the day with a hearty breakfast — there’s Kale-Quinoa Omelette, Coconut Chia Pudding with hemp seeds and cacao nibs, and Banoffee Overnight Oat that comes with a generous drizzle of date caramel.

If you’re visiting Agonda, you can also stroll around in the adjoining boutique. A part of the Zest flagship, Bunti is known for its collection of artisanal textiles, clothing wear and rare finds.

Address: Agonda Beach Road and Zest Beach House, Palolem, Canacona

5. The Mill

Hidden inside a lovingly restored historic rice mill in Palolem, The Mill is an inviting cafe with an ambiance reminiscent of an idyllic home. Flanked by verdant foliage outside, it welcomes you with an earthy decor, complete with rustic woodwork and turquoise blue elements.

Photo Credits: The Mill

Make yourself comfortable in its cosy seating area, as large windows fill the space with oodles of light. Relish vegetarian delicacies, vegan chai and the renowned Maverick & Farmer coffees and cold brews. Sample vibrant salads, buckwheat pancakes and buttery scones. Bite into the popular Zanzibar Burger, loaded with pineapples, vegetable patty, chutney and almond feta cheese.

This gastronomic haven also features a yoga shala and spa for a holistic and gratifying experience.

Address: Dr Pundlik Gaitonde Road, Palolem, Canacona

6. G-Shot Coffee Roastery & Cafe

G-Shot is a community cafe in Assagao that revolves around mindfulness and clean, conscious eating at its heart. Spend an afternoon of quiet reflection at the Buddha space, attend meditation workshops and experience fascinating tarot card readings.

Photo Credits: G-Shot Coffee Roastery & Cafe

Despite its humble, laid-back atmosphere, it remains a vegan hotspot in Goa offering artisan food. “Veganism is often misunderstood as dull. In reality, it can be exquisite and high-end,” says Co-owner, Siddharth Munjal. “We eat at our cafe every day and see a lot of affluent guests, who are gladly willing to splurge on high-quality plant-based meals,” he adds.

From organic pizzas to gluten-free desserts, the menu boasts vegan alternatives for most dishes. Binge on eclectic recipes like dairy-free Snickers gelato, cashew butter and vegan digestive biscuits. Pour yourself a cup of joe, roasted in-house, and pair it with some creamy homemade millet milk. You’ll also find coconut milk smoothie bowls and sourdough bread, made with flour grains from all over the country.

Address: Socol Vaddo, Assagao

7. Garden of Dreams

This Insta-famous garden cafe near Arambol Beach is an oasis of solitude. A lush tapestry of flora envelopes the space, as billowing curtains, puffy bean bags and a well-stocked bookshelf provide some much-needed R&R. Unwind with a rejuvenating yoga class, immerse in wellness events and delight in live, exotic music and dance performances.

Photo Credits: Garden of Dreams

Its boho-chic vibe is just as alluring as its selection of healthy, soul-stirring dishes. From refreshing turmeric-ginger shots, kombucha and vitamin smoothies to plant-based Buddha bowls and crunchy salads, there are more than enough options for a wonderful vegan brunch.

Address: Near Ganpat Parsekar College, Arambol

Book an elite haven and get a taste of the best vegan food in Goa, served in-villa or at these fantastic cafes and restaurants.