It is possible to work up a sweat and have an incredible vacation at the same time. If you feel inspired to pick up a new sport or simply be more active and planning for a holiday in Indonesia, we have the solution for you. Doing sports during the holiday can be fun and relaxing, especially when done in lush surroundings and attended with cold drinks and clean towel afterwards by an attentive staff. Well, sporty-minded vacationer or not, book a stay in one of Elite Havens villas on your next trip to Bali and exercise in style.


You don’t have to be a Serena Williams to play tennis, and you don’t have to wander far from your villa to play it! Here are some of our selected villas with a tennis court.

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Whether in a tropical ambience, infinity pool, or a rice fields view, we have it all and the choice is all in your hands. We assure you, it won’t turn green like the Olympic diving poolback in 2016.

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Probably one of the most MUST-DO thing in low tide and crystal water beach is Kayaking. Here are some stunning beachfront villas where you can go Kayaking.

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Are you more into Yoga? No worries, we got you. Read more about our Top 5 Yoga retreat villas.