Do you imagine a dream wedding against the backdrop of a majestic cliffside? Or a venue for a yoga retreat flanked by tranquil vistas of a beach? Our event villas serve as the best event venues for any occasion, promising the best of facilities and complete privacy to boot. But how to find the best event villa for your requirements? Here’s how. 

How much in advance should you book the villa?

As a rule of thumb, the more popular a villa, the earlier you should book. Some prefer reserving as much as two years in advance to secure the most coveted villas for their events. This is especially true in the case of the Pandawa Cliff Estate which remains an all-season favourite for wedding ceremonies.

For other events such as birthdays, hen and buck parties, wellness retreats and corporate affairs, it’s preferable to book a venue six months to one year in advance.

How to choose a villa for your event


All you have to do is go to the website and click on the ‘Events’ tab at the top. You can select from a range, including Weddings, Birthdays, Wellness Retreats, Parties and Corporate. Once you make your selection, you can choose a villa based on its availability, location, number of bedrooms, and features and amenities.

Choose as per destination

The first question that begs answering is – have you decided on the destination where you wish to host your event? Some people are quite certain they want it in Bali or Sri Lanka or Phuket. A few others are undecided. They only know that they want a destination event at a beach location. We cater to both groups. If you’re undecided, we can help you choose the destination before you choose a villa.

Choose as per views

From fun-filled birthdays with views of rolling hills to anniversary parties in the company of scenic landscapes — you have the luxury to choose a villa for your events as per location and the views you prefer.

Choose as per facilities

Most villas are equipped with luxurious and state-of-the-art facilities. Sprawling pools and manicured outdoor gardens are a treat for sore eyes. You can enjoy modern amenities like game consoles, iPod docks and in-house sound systems.

If you have specific requirements for your event, you will find a villa that fulfils these requirements. Hosting a business event or corporate retreat? Audio and video projectors can be arranged in some villas. For celebrations of any kind, you can request a stage, complete with a DJ, band and elaborate décor in some villas.

Choose as per the rules

Every event venue has a different set of rules. Talk to our event coordinator to understand which villa will permit the kind of arrangements you require. We only work with a set of approved event organisers who are familiar with the properties, staff and regulations.

In tandem with the owners, we create specific guidelines for each villa with a list of dos and don’ts. We take great pride in this level of transparency so that you’re fully aware of all stipulations before you make your bookings and don’t face any hidden restrictions when you arrive at the property.

This also avoids any last-minute disruptions to any event plans. So, when you’re planning your events, you’re aware of this well in advance.

Allow us to choose

If you can’t decide which villa suits your needs best, just get in touch with us at and our Events Coordinator will help you find the best villa for your event. We take the stress out of your event planning. Our event coordinators know each event villa inside out and can guide you to your dream villa.

Book an elite haven for your next event and make memories for a lifetime. Visit for special offers.