Famous Indonesian actress and beauty entrepreneur, Luna Maya, and tech entrepreneur, Marianne Rumantir, decided to go villa hopping in Bali and Nusa Lembongan to get a break from their busy lives. For a mix of experiences, they stayed at three unique villas – Villa Seascape, Villa Lilibel and The Beji and had an unforgettable Balinese adventure. Along with their loved ones, they welcomed change, pampering and the luxurious villa life. Here’s a sneak peek into what a Luna Maya holiday looks like.

The Villas

An enjoyable and rejuvenating holiday is at the core of the Elite Havens experience. All our guests, including the long list of A-listers who have checked into elite havens, crave to come back even if they have just left.

When asked how their stay was at these three magnificent villas, they couldn’t help but list down all the things they loved. “All three villas were spectacular and gave us different yet memorable experiences. In Villa Seascape, we spent the entire time at the poolside or the beach. The location was so special.”

They agreed that families will love Villa Lilibel where they spent a lot of quality time with their group, having meals together, movie nights, playing games by the pool and even managing to easily work remotely during the day.

But for an all-around experience, their last stop ticked all the boxes. “We would start our mornings with outdoor exercises in the rolling lawns at Villa The Beji. The tennis court, mini soccer field and basketball court were also well-used by our families and friends.” Yes, we saw your TikTok videos and you were having a great time!

Delectable Food

Exposed to some of the best cuisines in the world owing to their lifestyle, our celebrity guests are usually discerning when it comes to food during their stay. Yet, Luna and Marianna couldn’t stop gushing about the desserts they had in Villa Seascape, and the sumptuous Nasi Goreng at Villa Lilibel and Villa The Beji. One of the many benefits of staying in a private villa is that the private chef crafts meals according to your preferences and palate, ensuring that you get the best food available on the island and that it is customised to your taste.

Speaking of one-of-a-kind culinary experiences, our high-profile guests also had the chance to cook at the villas as part of a guided master class with professional chefs. “It was fun to cook pasta from scratch, but we never realised how much time it takes to create a gourmet meal,” they said. A typical Luna Maya holiday includes activities and cultural experiences.  

Staff and Service

The in-villa staff became family to Luna and Marianne during their stays, taking care of their needs even before they could voice them. They fondly remember the five-star treatment they and their loved ones received at our villas. “The staff was really helpful and friendly. They were extremely polite and very prompt with service. It was easy to see that they loved what they do and it reflected as a glow on their face and in their warm demeanour.”

Shop Talk

Together, Luna Maya and Marianne Rumantir run a media company called TS Media, which focuses on content creation using digital platforms. “We produce a variety of shows from travel, sports, lifestyle, hobbies to finance,” they shared. When we asked about where they saw TS Media in the next three years, they both said without hesitation, “Producing a variety of programs (e-sports, comedy, horror, music) and managing more talent and content creators associated with the company.”

What’s Next?

Luna Maya is said to be focusing on expanding her beauty brand, Nama Beauty, by developing the product pipeline and launching in bigger markets, while Marianne continues managing TS Media and Member.id and expanding the business.

We hope villa-hopping in Bali and Nusa Lembongan was just the break they needed to recharge their batteries and inspire creativity. Luna Maya enjoyed her holiday with us and we hope that she inspired you to come experience an elite haven for yourself. 

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