Essential questions to ask yourself when choosing an island wedding venue, courtesy of our Elite Havens experts.


Villa Semarapura Cemagi Beach Bali wedding venue

Can the venue accommodate the number of guests expected?


Villa Semarapura Bali wedding venue with steps

Which areas are best for your entrance and ceremony?


Have you tried on your wedding makeup in the tropical climate?


Villa Semarapura beachfront wedding

Which areas can be used for the reception, formal dinner, dance floor?


Can your friends and family stay at the wedding villa with you?


What kind of mosquito repellent will you provide? Got that covered?


Villa Semarapura Bali wedding ceremony

Have you chosen an experienced event organiser?


Villa Semarapura Bali wedding decoration

What kind of food do you want at the reception?


Villa Semarapura Bali wedding fire dancer

What entertainment do you have in mind? Is it allowed?


Villa Semarapura Bali wedding lights

 Who will provide your beverages? Can you bring your own?


Congratulations and special thanks to Sam & Cath 31/3/2017

WEDDING VENUE: Villa Semarapura

LOCATION: Cemagi Beach, Bali, Indonesia




PHOTOGRAPHY: Terralogical

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