Mermaiding is the act of “becoming a mermaid” by wearing a mermaid tail for swimming, modelling or performance art.

Bali and Lombok in Indonesia, famous islands for diving and snorkelling among other tourist lures, are now also exceedingly popular for mermaiding.

Never heard of it? Not likely, unless you went to the same D-A-I-Y-E spa as Zoolander, you’ll recall his mermaid modelling photos (er, merman). Then a lot of models did it for Vogue in 2012. The Gigi Hadid of Bali, Inka Williams, dressed up in Komodo with the Island Mermaids team. Cara Delevigne also portrayed a mermaid in Pan.

Bottom line, models love mermaiding. And now the rest of us can also have our very own sequinned or scaled mermaid tails and underwater mermaid pictures.

Mermaid Tails and Fins

Mermaid tails for children and adults are sold in stores and online. A huge range of products has become available, with prices from $30 up to $300 for bejewelled silver and gold mermaid tails.

Jl. Pantai Berawa 150
Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Bali

Bali’s first mermaiding company

Mermaid tails and shark fins for kids

For safety, it is important to know which are mermaid tails specially designed for swimming, versus tails which may be intended as costumes for dress-up only, so be sure to check.

Mermaid-inspired Swimwear

Tasteful women’s seashell bikinis, one-piece mermaid swimsuits and mermaid accessories are here. Nothing like the mermaid costumes of your childhood, sequinned nylon has been swapped for real seashells and high-quality Lycra.

Mermaid Bikini Set by Island Mermaids

Mermaid Bikini Set by Island Mermaids


Island Mermaids Pink Shores Bikini

Island Mermaids Pink Shores Bikini

Island Mermaids Kerang Black One Piece Suit

Island Mermaids Kerang Black One Piece Suit

Thoughtfully designed, carefully produced and beautifully modelled, these swimsuits really caught my eye. Each one is made locally and responsibly in Bali (needless to say, so are the high-quality swimmable tails from Island Mermaids). Now, which one should I buy?

Mermaiding Day Trips

If like me, you prefer the swimwear and don’t want to buy a mermaid TAIL for keeps, you can trade your legs for fins just for a day. Mermaiding at a gorgeous tropical beach is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and swimming with a finned tail doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so mermaiding outings with instruction are popular.

Island Mermaids Swimming with a Green Mermaid Tail in Bali

First-timers “Discover Mermaiding” package:

  • Pick up and drop off in Bali
  • Captained boat
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Mermaid tails
  • Mermaiding instructor
  • Go Pro for underwater photos

Island Mermaids’ professional mermaids will take you to secret mermaiding locations, transform you into a sparkling mermaid goddess and teach you to swim beautifully with your heels together.

Mermaiding Photoshoots

More experienced mermaids can arrange a photoshoot in the ocean and on the sandy shores and rocky outcrops around Bali, Gili Trawangan or Lombok, and take home professional photographs. Mermaiding workshops and mermaid parties are also on offer for groups. 

Island Mermaids Silver Mermaid Tail and Shell Bikini Made in Bali

Photo credit: Island Mermaids

Feel like a real mermaid when you try these whimsical swimsuits on. Experience all this and more while you spend your vacation at one of our tropical destinations.